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No, you're not crazy.
Yes, it's possible to feel differently.

Being a sensitive soul on this planet can be overwhelming.

When you have high-frequency emotions, they can sneak up and take over in destructive ways. Intense and ever-changing feelings can overpower you to the point where you feel like you’ve been invaded and the only explanation is that there must be something terribly wrong with you. Maybe you’ve tried to just stop feeling, or at least to feel less. Maybe you’ve seen other therapists, done some DBT or other group therapy, tried different medications and nothing has worked.

I’m here to help. I want you to be able to understand how your experiences have shaped your emotional responses to things and empower you to feel confident in your ability to move through life without being constantly hijacked by your feelings.

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I’m Candida Moreira. I’m a registered clinical counsellor and I help people learn to manage intense and overwhelming emotions. You might be feeling hopeless and like nothing makes sense, or you may have done some research, and be wondering about borderline personality disorder, being an empath, or a highly sensitive person. If you’re looking for clarity around how you experience emotions, I’d love to help.

Are we a good fit?

Does a day in your life look and feel like this?


  • My feelings seem out of control. They are intense and come out of nowhere.

  • I feel like no one understands how much pain my feelings cause.

  • People are always saying I’m overreacting.

  • I feel empty and numb.

  • I get angry really quickly and then feel guilty and ashamed.

  • I can be suicidal one moment and elated the next.

  • I become attached to people very quickly.

  • I feel like I am a burden to others.

Am I someone you’ll click with?

This used to be the place I listed my degrees and credentials - those are things I’ve done, and not very indicative of how I work with clients. You’re here because you want to know what to expect when you sit in the room with me.

I’m easy to connect with, and good at building relationships quickly. I’m intuitive, and keep a consistent balance between making space for you to explore your feelings, and challenging you to face them on your own.

You’re probably wondering: does she know what she’s doing and why does she love working with BPD, Emotional Intensity/Instability and Trauma?

I love working with people who experience intense emotions because I’ve been there. I understand on a level I couldn’t if I hadn’t been through it myself. In fact, I have yet to meet a feeling I don’t recognize. I know from having lived experience with BPD that our mind can take us to some incredibly dark and lonely places; I know what it’s like to sit in hopelessness, convinced death is the only option. I also learned how to come out the other side of that.

My work over the last 13 years as trauma therapist has taught me that is it absolutely possible to change your emotional landscape (hoorah neuroplasticity!) and what’s more, that you can  learn to harness emotional sensitivity and empathic traits into skills that build strong relationships and confidence in your ability to handle whatever comes at you.

I’m not a “blank slate” therapist; I do not have a poker face. I show up ready to dig in and sit in the muck with you. I will support you in learning to sit with your feelings and decrease their power over you. Together, we will map out your emotional landscape, and as you increase your understanding of how you respond emotionally, you can learn to change your response.

Kind Words

Candida is consistently authentic, warm, funny, and generous. As a therapist (and, most importantly, a human), Candida moves through the world fully owning all of who she is, what she’s been through, and what she’s learned. Witnessing her approach makes me feel more confident to bring all of myself to the work, including (and celebrating) the parts I might otherwise be tempted to hide.
— Vanessa Fernando, Registered Social Worker
Candida’s work with clients is intuitive, compassionate and creative. She is willing to work with the most complex issues that clients bring. I find her open minded, open to new learnings and very present with her clients. I trust her integrity and I know her heart is in the right place. I have no hesitation referring clients to her.
— Lydia Rozental, Registered Clinical Counsellor
Candida has a deep care and consideration for her clients. She is thoughtful, engaged and passionate about a broad range of counselling work, but I particularly value her expertise with clients who struggle with the impact of borderline personality disorder. Candida has an informed and effective approach when working with clients with BPD, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.
— Michelle Srdanovic, Registered Clinical Counsellor

Services and Fees


Every client comes to counselling with different needs. Sessions are generally 50-80 minutes in length, however longer sessions are available.

My rate is $150 per 50 minutes, including GST.

Payment can be made by cheque, cash or e-transfer and is due at the start of each session.

A minimum of 48 hours notice is required to cancel an appointment without incurring the cost.

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