Am I someone you’ll click with?

This used to be the place I listed my degrees and credentials - those are things I’ve done, and not very indicative of how I work with clients. You’re here because you want to know what to expect when you sit in the room with me.

I’m easy to connect with, and good at building relationships quickly. I’m intuitive, and keep a consistent balance between making space for you to explore your feelings, and challenging you to face them on your own.

You’re probably wondering: does she know what she’s doing and why does she love working with BPD, Emotional Intensity/Instability and Trauma?

I love working with people who experience intense emotions because I’ve been there. I understand on a level I couldn’t if I hadn’t been through it myself. In fact, I have yet to meet a feeling I don’t recognize. I know from having lived experience with BPD that our mind can take us to some incredibly dark and lonely places; I know what it’s like to sit in hopelessness, convinced death is the only option. I also learned how to come out the other side of that.

My work over the last 13 years as trauma therapist has taught me that is it absolutely possible to change your emotional landscape (hoorah neuroplasticity!) and what’s more, that you can  learn to harness emotional sensitivity and empathic traits into skills that build strong relationships and confidence in your ability to handle whatever comes at you.

I’m not a “blank slate” therapist; I do not have a poker face. I show up ready to dig in and sit in the muck with you. I will support you in learning to sit with your feelings and decrease their power over you. Together, we will map out your emotional landscape, and as you increase your understanding of how you respond emotionally, you can learn to change your response.